Registered Nurse - Working in the Netherlands

This is a unique opportunity to take the first step on your professional career while working as a Registered Nurse in the Netherlands and enjoying great working environment and financial conditions.

From the moment you start with our Dutch language course to your very first step working as a nurse, we will be together, ensuring that you will have a successful development and positive experience in the Netherlands.

What are the best things about this job?

  • Attractive salary with extras
  • Work and personal life balance 
  • International work experience
The Netherlands
Type of contract
Full time
€ 2.266 - € 2.650 Per month
About the job

Training overview:

For the first year, you will be holding an initial position that will allow us to develop you, from learning Dutch to being a registered healthcare professional, so you are ready to work as a Registered Nurse in the Netherlands.

First year job description:

In this role you are expected to assist with day-to-day activities, outlined by an established care plan, that also include the below:

  • Carrying out technical nursing activities
  • Planning your work effectively
  • Maintaining contacts with other disciplines, informal carers, and family

After firts year job description:

At this stage you will become a registered healthcare professional and will be able to work as Nurse within one of our multisector job opportunities in the Netherlands.

  • EU passport
  • University Nursing degree valid in EU
  • Availability to learn Dutch
  • Willing to move to the Netherlands
  • Able to communicate in English
What we offer
  • Paid Dutch Course
  • Allowance while studying the Dutch course
  • Costs covered of the registration as a healthcare professional
  • Professional and personal coach for seamless integration
  • Paid flight to the Netherlands
  • Pick-up at the airport

Get started as a Registered Nurse - Working in the Netherlands

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