This is the easiest and safest way to start working in another country. We trust in your potential and believe that you have the right to change your life. If you can't find a job in your home country and you have made the decision to leave in search of new opportunities and take the leap to the Netherlands or Germany, we can help you.

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€ 10,34 par heure
Σχετικά με την θέση εργασίας

In the Netherlands, work in logistics is in great demand. The great advantage is that your working day is 8 hours and two days off. The main positions that need to be filled are:

  • Work in the Netherlands in house maintenance
    Working in house maintenance in Germany is an opportunity for the person who has a technical professional profile (electrician, plumber, etc) and wants to earn more. We guarantee 30 hours minimum contract.
  • Jobs in the Netherlands in machine maintenance
    The high demand for machine maintenance in the Netherlands opens up a whole new range of opportunities for you to work abroad. We guarantee two days off per week.
  • Work in the Netherlands as an electrician
    With an English level of B1 you will be able to get a decent job abroad. We guarantee a secure employment contract, respecting the rights of the employee.
  • European passport
  • English (b1)
  • Good physical condition (dynamic work)
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  • € 10.34 gross/ hour
  • guaranteed hours

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